Documents étatiques – Sao Tomé et Principe

Order No. 22.686 of 19 May 1967 establishing the classification of different varieties of corn to be exported

Decree No. 48.198 of 11 January 2009 establishing the Statute of Overseas Services for Agriculture and Forests.

Decree No. 176/70 of 3 April 1970 regulating spirit production and trade into the Overseas Provinces.

Decree-Law No. 513/71 of 22 November 1971 establishing that fishing vessels performing their activity near to the coastal zone may use logistic facilities on land.

Decree-Law No. 19/75 of 15 September 1975 establishing the ‘Roça Monte Forte’ as an agricultural public firm.

Constitution de 1975 révisée le 25 janvier 2003

Decree-Law No. 32/78 of 24 October 1978 on the expropriation of some agricultural properties

Decree-Law No. 32/88 of 4 August 1988 establishing the State lands use.

Decree-Law No. 34/88 of 10 September 1988 on the detachment of dependencies pertaining to some companies.

Act No. 3/91 of 28 June 1991 concerning public land.

Decree No. 73/95 of 20 April 1995 amending Medium-Agricultural Farms extension

Environmental Law No. 10/99 of 15 April 1999

Law No. 11/99 of 15 April 1999 on Flora and Fauna conservation and protected areas.

Decree No. 40/99 of 3 August 1999 prohibiting plant trade without a phytosanitary certification

Law No. 8/2003 of 14 August 2003 on crimes against property

Law No. 7/04 of 14 June 2004 approving the Social Protection Framework

Law No. 13/2005 of 30 December 2005 approving the Animal Health Basic Legislation.

Decree-Law No. 18/2007 of 28 August 2007 creating the Institute for Gender Equity and Equality (INPG)

Law no. 5/2007 approving the Regulation on Property Transfer Tax (SISA)

Decree-Law No. 19/2011 of 10 June 2011 approving the hygiene and sanitary measures for any food stuff destined to be put on the market

Forestry Law No. 5/2001 of 12 September 2001

Fisheries Law No. 9/2001 of 25 September 2001

Law No. 4/2003 of 2 June 2003 on Cultural and Natural Heritage

Decree-Law No. 5/2004 of 30 June 2004 instituting the National Oil Agency – ANP-STP

Law No. 8/2004 of 30 December 2004 on oil resources

Statute of the Public Company for Water and Electricity –EMAE, 19 December 2006

Law No. 11/2006 of 29 December 2006 instituting the Commission for Oil Surveillance

Law No. 13/2007 of 11 September 2007 establishing the Basic Law on Maritime Safety and Prevention of Marine Pollution

Order on the Statute of the Public Company for Water and Electricity (EMAE), 13 November 2008

Decree-Law No. 21/2009 of 13 August 2009 establishing licensing requirements for forest wood imports

Decree-Law No. 57/2009 of 31 December 2009 organizing the Exclusive Economic Zone in blocks for oil exploitation

Regional Legislative Decree No 3/ALRAP of 31 December 2009 on the protection of marine turtles.

Decree-Law No. 4/2010 of 27 March 2010 establishing legal measures and competent authorities for the implementation of the International Code of Vessels’ and Harbours’ protection

Law No. 4/2012 of 27 January 2012 creating the National Programme for Food and School Health (PNASE).

Decree No. 3/2012 of 2 March 2012 creating the Supply Centre for Agricultural, Livestock and Fisheries Inputs (CAIMAP)

Decree No. 52/2013 of 18 October 2013 approving the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development

Decree-Law No. 64/2013 of 31 December 2013 repealing Decree-Law No. 14/2003 and creating the Environmental Impact Tax (TIA)

Decree-Law No. 8/2014 of 25 February 2014 approving the Regulation on the Capture and Marketing of Sea Turtles and their products

Decree No. 67/2014 of 18 August 2014 on the National Strategy on Gender Equity (ENIEG)

Decree-Law No. 23/2014 of 31 December 2015 amending the National Institute for Promotion and Equity of Gender (INPG)

Decree-Law No. 23/2015 of 2015 regulating the offence and penalty regime applicable to animal imports.

National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan 2015-2020 (NBSAP II), 2015

Decree-Law No. 01/2016 of 11 March 2016 approving the Hunting Regulation

Decree-Law No. 5/2016 of 30 May 2016 approving the Plant Health Framework Act

Decree No. 15/2017 creating the National Council for Social Protectionof 18 August 2017

National Development Plan (NDP) 2017–2021, 1 November 2017

Decree-Law No. 3/2018 of 8 February 2018 approving the Maritime Authority System (SAM).

Decree-Law No. 4/2018 of 8 February 2018 creating the National Maritime Authority

Water Resources Framework Law No. 07/2018 of 26 April 2018

Health Basic Law No. 09/2018 of 6 June 2018

Decree No. 27/2018 of 17 August 2018 approving the National Environmental Sanitation Policy (PNSA).

Water Resources Framework Law No. 07/2018

Law No. 8/2019 of 16 April 2019 approving the Major Options Plan for the Economic Year of 2019

Decree-Law No. 06/2019 of 14 August 2019 on the Regulation and Procedures, for Marketing of Live Animals and their Products and Derivatives

Decree-Law No. 1/2020 of 17 December 2019 approving the Regulation on the Special and Transitional Regime for Energy Acquisition from Renewable Sources.

Presidential Decree No. 3/2020 of 17 March 2020 on the Declaration of Public Health State of Emergency (17 April 2020)

Law No. 8/2020 of 21 September 2020 approving Measures to Reduce the Use of Plastic Bags in São Tomé and Príncipe.

Law No. 9/2020 of 22 September 2020 approving the Legal Regime for the Exploration and Extraction of Aggregates

Decree-Law No. 7/2019 of 2020 approving the Regulation on the Provision of Public and Private Veterinary Services

Resolution No. 05/2021 of 19 February 2021 authorizing the construction of the Water Supply System for the Communities in the Southern Zone of the Autonomous Region of Príncipe

Decree-Law No. 07/2020 of 9 March 2021 creating the Statute of the National Institute of Public Works and Urbanism (INOPU).